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* With performances of several, adjoining days the price drops considerably for you.

With Paul Salders the possibilities are numerous, concerning:




digital grand piano, organ, keyboard and / or workstation,

* required instruments, solo or in combination  



One thing is certain, with Paul quality remains friendly affordable for you.

* decoration,

* stage (high level and m2),

* necessary Sound System.


Price structure

* play time (actual stage time),

* placing and removing of the whole set (secondairy activities time).


The music is adapted to your requirements and likewise the offer price.


The hourly rate indication is from € 225,- per hour, £ 180,- BP or $ 295,- USA Dollars per hour.



With the offer price a supplement can be charged, if there is:

* unpaved ground, for example grass, gravel, without smooth or hard paving,

* higher levels with steps, stairs, flatform, veranda, balcony,

* upper floor with elevator,

* unobstructed passage (both indoors and outdoors) at the location.

Including one set-up of Pauls own instruments of your choice at a play location.

* The playtime is in consultation with you.

* A second play location requires an extra set of instruments. This is excellent.

You can choose up to four set-ups within the same residence.

Excluding travel- and/or accommodation expenses and Dutch tax rate.

* With contracts of three, six or nine months adjusted rates are applied.